Is Israel a racist state?

May 16, 2009


The answer is yes in so many ways I don’t even know where to begin. 

But I will tell you one example, a friend of mine came from the States to visit me in Palestine and he encountered MANY racist Israeli people and policies.



Because he “looks Arab”…he is not actually Arab, hes actually a mix of black and native american, but to the Israeli soldiers and border guards–anyone who is brown is automatically and Arab, and most likely a terrorist.

The first example:  When he arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv he was immediately taken to an interrogation room along with some Palestinians and Pakistanis.  Hmm…

He was questioned for hours on his family’s ancestry to find out how he got to look “so Arab” if he wasnt.  Unfortunately for him, his answers confused the guards even more.  It happened to another roommate of mine who is Indian, born in Iran, went to college in the U.S., and worked in London.  She looks very Indian, but the Iran thing really threw the guards.  They couldnt figure out which racist “box” to put her in.  So they didn’t give her an extension on her visa when she wanted to stay and work here longer.  The same thing happened to Daniel.  They couldnt figure out his race so they just put him in the Arab/terrorist box. 

When Americans come to Israel, they are supposed to get a three month tourist visa that can be renewed and extended if they want to stay longer.  However, when Daniel arrived, they gave him a ONE WEEK visa. 

Since he was planning on staying longer than that, and fell in love with the West Bank the same way I did, we decided to take a mini-vacation to Sinai, Egypt and renew our visas on the way back in through Eilat–which leads me to the next example showing how racist the state of ISrael is. 

After a very relaxing 5 days in paradise, we started travelling back through HELL (Israel) to get to HEAVEN (West Bank).  At the border, Daniel was immediately profiled.  I made it through in half an hour and got a new three month visa because I didnt tell them where I was really going.  If you tell the border or airport people you are heading to Palestine, they WILL NOT LET YOU IN.  They dont want people to see what is going on in Palestine, because the Israeli occupation’s effects on the Palestinians are HORRIBLE.

Once I got through, I waited on the other side for FIVE HOURS.  Never knowing whether Daniel would be coming eventually or if they had sent him back to Egypt, or if they had arrested him, or if they were still interrogating him.

Five hours later, Daniel comes through, looking like he had been through Hell.  They had interrogated him for five hours, asking AGAIN about his family’s ancestry.  Trying to figure out why he looked so Arab if he wasnt…like being Arab in and of itself is a crime–which to the ISRAELIS, it IS.  Most definately. They also strip searched him–which is one of the most inhumane and humiliating things they can do to to foreigners.  If he was Palestinian, they would have beaten him up a little or worse.

Next example:  Daniel went to turkey to visit a friend in Istanbul.  He was planning on living and working there, travelling around Europe, and then returning to Palestine.  However, things didn’t work out in Istanbul and he missed Palestine so much that he decided to just come back early.

After coming up with the money to fly back to Tel Aviv, I, and all of our friends here, waited and waited to hear from him.  He was supposed to arrive at 140 am.  By morning we still hadn’t heard from him, and went to the demonstration in Bil’in, hoping to see him there.  But he never showed up.

After the demonstration I checked facebook and found that his status had changed to “Just got deported and banned for life from Israel”.

We were shocked.  He had used all of his money to come back here, he had a job and a place to stay lined up here–and no job and no place to stay in Istanbul.  We were very worried and finally got in contact with him to find out where he was and what his plan was.

When he arrived at the airport, he was immediately taken out of the line of the others on the plane who were going to customs and taken to an interrogation room–he was the only one taken.  After waiting there for a while, a woman comes in an interrogates him for a while, then gives him his passport and sends him to customs.

When he got to customs, the girl was like “youre going to have to wait”.

So they take him to another interrogation room and tell him that he is being deported and is banned FOREVER from coming back to Israel.

The only “reason” they gave for this deportation and blacklisting is “you are being deported and blacklisted for security reasons and thats all I can say-take it up with your emabassy”.

By the way– “security issues” is Israeli soldier-speak  for “you look Arab”. 

They didn’t find ANYTHING on him that would suggest he was a threat to ISrael in any way…the only thing he did was “look Arab”.  And now he can NEVER return to Israel, or Palestine because you cannot get into Palestine except through Israel.

So they destroyed his dream of returning to Palestine for this RACIST reason.

So if you’re not convinced by this small story, read through some of my past articles posted on here–especially those about Lieberman, the new Israeli FM.  He is the poster boy for racist Israeli policies.

And just to be sure, I am not saying that EVERY Israeli is a racist.  I have met some really awesome Israelis, especially those that come to the demonstrations in Bil’in every week.  But I AM DEFINATELY saying that the Israeli government, its soldiers, and border guards are RACIST BY DEFAULT–that is how they are TRAINED and brainwashed to be. 

These racist Israeli policies need to be stopped.  And the only way that will happen is if enough people know about it outside of Israel and Palestine, and demonstrate against it in their countries, and get the attention of their governments so that they can put pressure on Israel and put an end to these policies, and the unjust and illegal occupation of Palestine.


One comment

  1. well it was really depressing not being able to see DAN in the west bank again but as you said before Israel is a racist state, any way as i always said Israel really don’t need an excuse for deporting someone well they have been killing Palestinians for 61 years now for the lamest excuse and for most of the time for no reason at all.
    Israel is responsible of 61 years of Palestinian misery, racist state is the most polite word in the dictionary to describe Israel .

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