IDF Tshirt Scandal…

May 26, 2009

Just as a disclaimer…I understand that what goes on in any military of the world is sick and inhumane, and that any soldier could be capable of the same thing.  Also I understand that not EVERY Israeli soldier would support these shirts (at least I hope so, havent talked to any lately…ha)  However…Ive never seen tshirts like this come out of any other military, so here we go….

The “Most Moral” Army in the World?

 Soon after the Israeli military finished Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, a war that left more than 1,400 Gazans dead, the Israeli military was accused of committing many different war crimes and of violating international laws. 


idf shirts

While still involved in this scandal, the IDF created a whole new kind of scandal by ordering t-shirts to ‘commemorate’ their actions in Gaza with shocking images on them.

 These images included dead babies, weeping mothers, bombed mosques, and one design even had a picture of a pregnant woman with a bulls-eye on her belly—complete with the slogan “1 shot, 2 kills.”

 Even worse than this shirt, if you can believe it, was a shirt with a drawing of a soldier next to a young woman with bruises under the slogan “Bet you got raped!” and another one saying “Better use Durex” beside a picture of a dead Palestinian baby with his mother crying beside him.

 These t-shirts, made by the “most moral army in the world”, mock the unjust killing of Palestinians and attempt to dehumanize an entire people—making it easier to murder innocent women and children.

 This isn’t the first time the IDF has made t-shirts like this; previous t-shirt slogans include:

 “We won’t chill ‘til we confirm the kill!”

“Let every Arab mother know that her son’s fate is in my hands!”

 Since these latest t-shirts created an international controversy, the IDF released a statement saying that the newest t-shirts were “unacceptable” and “not in accordance with IDF values and are simply tasteless.”

 Yes, that’s true.  In addition to that, they prove just how sick and immoral the Israeli army can be—and how little respect they have for humanity.


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