The Complete Ridiculousness of Israeli media, Corrected by Me…

May 30, 2009

Soldiers stationed in Bilin: Gaza is easier Ynet reporter accompanies 75th Armored Brigade responsible for region where anti-fence rallies are held every Friday. Troops speak of difficulties in face of protestors, say ‘demonstration can be dispersed very fast, but we limit our use of fire’ Hanan Greenberg Published: 05.22.09, 22:29 /

Israel News Soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces’ 75th Armored Brigade say violent clashes with protestors demonstrating against the separation fence in the West Bank villages of Naalin and Bilin every Friday are often “more terrifying for us than dealing with terrorists in Gaza inside a tank.”

Well, actually…Ive been going to Bil’in every Friday for 3 months now, and although I haven’t been to war in Gaza, I have absolutely NO DOUBT that Gaza is scarier than Bil’in.  How could 10-15 boys throwing stones at soldiers who have shields, helmets, bulletproof jackets, and a FENCE between them and us, be SCARIER THAN GAZA????!!!

This Friday we accompanied the troops, who deal with the disturbances near the fence on a weekly basis. One of them explained the difference: “In Gaza you spot a terrorist, fire a shell, and it’s over. Here you face citizens who hurl a stone or a Molotov cocktail, but your ability to respond is limited.

I have never seen or heard of people throwing molotovs in Bil’in, I can’t speak for Ni’lin…but the only “weapons” SOME demonstrators use at Bil’in are stones and pink paint filled balloons–not exactly terrifying compared to GAZA

Friday Protest Report: 2 protestors badly injured in Naalin / Ali Waked According to Palestinians, injuries caused by tear gas grenade, live ammunition. IDF says only two people lightly hurt in West Bank village. Soldier lightly wounded in anti-fence demonstration in Bilin Full story “It may appear that we are the ones using force here, but in reality that’s not the case, as we are subject to very difficult restrictions.”

Hmmm…let us compare the use of force here:

Israelis: teargas grenades, teargas canisters shot out of a cannon 30-40 at a time-they FILL the sky and you can’t escape from being hit or being in an insane cloud of teargas, rubber bullets, rubber COATED STEEL bullets, sound bombs, live ammunition (killer bullets)

Protestors: stones and pink paint

Hmmm…which do you think you would be more scared of?

Every Friday, hundreds of Palestinians and left-wing activists from Israel and abroad arrive near the separation fence and lead to a violent clash with the security forces.

We do not start the violence.  We walk up to the fence, peacefully…before we even get there, the Israelis start shooting teargas, sound bombs, rubber bullets, rubber coated steel bullets, and live ammunition. 

After that, the boys start to throw stones, but out of the hundreds of protestors, only 10-15 are throwing stones.

In the past two months, this region has been the responsibility of Lieutenant-Colonel Amir, a regiment commander, who only several months ago led his soldiers in Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip. Now, after the Binyamin Territorial Brigade gained control of this area, he deals with dispersing the violent riots every week. Soldiers face Palestinian protestors “The name of the game is very clear here,” one of the soldiers says. “If the forces fail to end the demonstration within half an hour, they will cause damage to fence worth about a million shekels.”

First of all, how can 10 meters of chain link fence that is between us and the soldiers be worth ONE MILLION SHEKELS (quarter of a million dollars)????

Secondly….how can stones damage a chain link fence?

Third…if we even get CLOSE to the gate that is in front of the fence (which is now covered in an insane amount of barbed wire) we are shot with all kinds of ammunition and teargas and sound bombs…we dont even get close enough to the fence to be able to damage it.

Since the beginning of the year, the accumulated damage caused to the fence in this region has been estimated at NIS 300,000 (about $76,640). ‘Don’t want to inflame the situation’

Their entire purpose is to enflame the situation and get rid of the protestors- scare them off.  We walk up to the fence, doing nothing, and they shoot all of this stuff at us.  They are the escalators, not us.

Preparing the force to handle demonstrations is a military operation for all intents and purposes. The regiment commander, along with Border Guard forces, are well prepared for the rallies. “Our goal is not to inflame the situation, but rather let the event end as calmly as possible,” a military source explains to Ynet.

 “Unfortunately, the demonstrations quickly turn violent and include the use of stones, Molotov cocktails, hurling stones with a machine-gun, which only several weeks ago seriously injured the hand of one of the tank commanders. Therefore we must use the means we possess in order to calm things down.”

Ok, just to clear this up, yet again, the protestors are nonviolent.  There are some boys who throw stones- with slingshots or just throwing them by hand, sometimes they throw balloons filled with pink paint. 

Is there even such a thing as a machine gun that shoots stones????  IF there was, Im sure it would be the ISraelis who invented such a thing.  There are no guns or weapons used by the protestors besides stones and pink paint!

The soldiers dont “calm things down”….they try to scare us into leaving by shooting us with teargas, rubber bullets, rubber coated steel bullets, sound bombs, and live ammunition.

The Bilin rally began on Friday at around 1:30 pm, as dozens of Palestinians began making their way towards the fence along with several Israelis following the Friday prayer at local mosques. The Hebrew and Arabic announcement by the IDF force warning the crowd not to approach the fence did not help,

Umm…the message at Bil’in has always been in Hebrew.  Just as a side note- NO ONE BUT ISRAELIS SPEAK YOUR DEAD LANGUAGE–!  SO…if you’re really trying to “warn us”…then warn us in a language that we can understand?!

and within seconds several tires were set on fire and stones began flying towards the soldiers on the other side of the fence.

The reason that we sometimes set tires on fire is to create a cloud of black smoke between the peaceful protestors who are sitting ducks, perfect targets if the soldiers decide to murder someone, again (RIP Bassem)…soooo we create an obstacle between us and them so they can’t aim at us….is that THREATENING to the soldiers??

The Lavi company commander sent a small force of soldiers, all covered with shields, towards the fence in order to throw some tear gas grenades at the protestors who refused to leave the area.

“some teargas grenades”–hmmm…well actually each demonstration they throw/shoot HUNDREDS at us, not “some”

Regiment Commander Amir supervised the activity from aside. “This is a complicated and not a simple incident,” a regiment source explains. “This demonstration could have been dispersed very quickly, had significant measures been used. But we are limiting our use of fire and acting very carefully. There are different levels of escalation and no rubber bullets or smoke bombs are fired pointlessly, but only in order to disperse the demonstrations.”

So…were they acting “carefully” when they fired a sound bomb right next to someone standing there peacefully and injuring them with shrapnel?? 

Were they acting “carefully” when they shot American protestor, Triston Anderson, in the FACE with a new Israeli invention- a high velocity tear gas canister- and put him in a coma, which he is STILL in…

Were they acting “carefully” when they MURDERED my friend Bassem Abu Rahmeh, a peaceful protestor, who had NEVER thrown a stone at an Israeli soldier–by aiming at him ‘carefully’ from 20 meters away and shooting him in the middle of his chest with the same high velocity teargas canister (*which also happens to be shaped like a bullet?!) that almost killed/may still kill Triston?

Soldiers prepare. Firing only following order In light of the incident in which a Palestinian protestor was killed in the same area about a month ago, the IDF has changed its instructions in terms of the firing of smoke bombs so as not to physically harm the demonstrators,

According to International Law (but when has Israel EVER cared about something as silly as international law) you CANNOT aim teargas grenades/canisters/bullets straight at protestors–because then they become a WEAPON, and not a crowd control measure.  I have been shot in the leg by a teargas grenade…it was not aimed in an arc.

The teargas projectile that killed Bassem was NOT aimed in an arc like it was supposed to be, it was aimed straight at him, like a bullet, meant to KILL HIM.

BY the way, last Friday they were still not aiming the teargas in an arc up into the air like they are required to, they aim them at the protestors…and people are hit every week.

although an investigation into the incident revealed that the bomb hit an electric cable and was shifted towards the Palestinian man.

This shows just how much of a SHAM the Israeli “investigations” are into the injuries and deaths of internationals, press and especially Palestinians caused by the misuse of force by ISraeli soldiers. 

Bassem was INTENTIONALLY MURDERED by an Israeli soldier…the teargas canister did NOT “riqochet” off of an “electric cable”.

FIrst of all, there are no “electric cables” between the soldiers and where Bassem was standing, facing the soldiers.  Second of all, he was hit in the front of hit chest, so it must have come straight at him from the soldier.  Third, is it even POSSIBLE for a high velocity teargas canister to “riqochet” off an “electric cable”???

This is extremely insulting–to my intelligence and to the worlds.  Bassem was intentionally murdered, and this RIDICULOUS story trying to explain how it was an “accident” is a slap in the face to his family and friends who have already lost someone they loved. 

It also should be considered an INSULT by anyone who reads this article that they think you would even believe something as ridiculous as that.

The regiment has only been stationed in the area for two months, but its soldiers say that the demonstrators use every means against the forces, including hurling stones and hiding behind disabled people in wheelchairs in order to prevent the security forces from using crowd dispersal measures against them.

The ONLY means we use against the soldiers are shouting slogans, like “No to the wall”

There are between 10-15 (maybe) boys throwing stones on average, not exactly a terrifying opponant.

There is a guy in a wheelchair at the protests–he was shot in the spine at a past demonstration by the ISraeli soldiers “trying to calm things down” (ha).  He was paralyzed but he still comes to the protests.  He is the bravest person out there, respected by everyone. 

WE DO NOT USE HIM AS A HUMAN SHIELD….hahahaha that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life…thanks for making me laugh, israeli media, thank you.

 Those who give the soldiers permission to use gas or rubber bullets are only the commanders standing next to them. The commanders comb the area and give them a green light only after considering the matter. Half an hour after the start of the demonstration, one of the soldiers was hit by a stone in his knee and received medical treatment on the scene. The other troops, whose eyes sting from the tear gas which reaches them as a result of the wind, continue to calm things down and distance the protestors from the fence.

Oh poor soldier who got hit in the knee with a rock.  I feel so bad for you, oh wait, no I don’t.  Because you shot me in the leg with a teargas canister while I was LEAVING the protest and I could barely walk for days. 

I also have ABSOLUTELY NO SYMPATHY for the soldiers who teargassed themselves.  In fact, that’s what you get….we have to inhale more teargas than Ive ever imagined when you shoot the cannon with 30+ canisters flying at us at the same time, then covering us in the thickest cloud of teargas possible. 

So, no…when you get a ‘whiff’ of teargas and it makes your poor little eyes sting, I feel NO SYMPATHY.


Gaza favored About an hour later, the demonstration ends and the soldiers prepare for their other missions. One thing is clear, however: Asked what they prefer to do in uniform, they all say that they favor the real war inside tanks against the terrorists in Gaza over the battle against citizens in Bilin and Naalin.

Anyone who would prefer Gaza to Bil’in is absolutely insane, and I think Ive explained enough of what its like at Bil’in for you to make a reasonable opinion about that.

Regiment sources say that the clashes are often reminiscent of battles in ancient times, without firearms, and that the clash takes place with the sides very close to each other. This Friday, for instance, the demonstrators brought bottles containing red paint and hurled them at the soldiers.

Actually its pink paint, because that’s much funnier.  (and not harmful at all, except to their egos, ha)

IDF officials stress that the forces are using minimal force in this confrontation, making the clash much more complicated for them but aimed at avoiding hurting the Palestinians as much as possible.

“aimed at avoiding hurting the Palestinians as much as possible”….hmmmm…absolutely not true.  I have seen too many people injured, been injured,  and seen one friend MURDERED, in my 3 months at Bil’in to believe that statement at all.

In Naalin, the “playground” in which the demonstration is held is larger, and thus the rally is considered more violent and unruly, and every incident which takes place in one demonstration is expressed in the following ones. For example, after Palestinian citizen Ibrahim Abu Rahma was killed in one of the demonstrations, the following one was much bigger. Advertisement According to the regiment sources, even world events affect the demonstrations. When a shoe was thrown at former US President George W. Bush during a press conference in Iraq, the Palestinian protestors launched a new method of throwing shoes at the forces. In general, the regiment sources say, Naalin’s residents are creative and constantly adopt new ways to expand the demonstration. For example, they carry steel signs with different captions in Arabic, which are also used as a human shield against the rubber bullets fired by the IDF soldiers.


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