7 Arrested from Bil’in During Israeli Night Raids:

June 29, 2009

Bil'in's nonviolent demonstration against the wall


Friday’s nonviolent protest against the wall in Bil’in went on as usual despite Israeli raids, nearly every night for the past two weeks, in which 7 boys from the village were arrested.

At the demonstration, there were around 200 protestors including international and Israeli activists, press, and villagers. Demonstrators marched to the separation fence chanting slogans such as “No No to the Wall” and “Israel is a fascist state.”

Demonstrators were met with teargas as they approached the fence. The Israeli military also used the teargas cannon which shoots out over 30 teargas canisters at the same time—creating panic among the demonstrators as they tried to dodge the flying canisters and the thick cloud of teargas.

PMRS had an ambulance on site and treated several demonstrators for teargas inhalation. There were no other injuries reported.

This protest had special importance because of the presence of Canadian author, Naomi Klein. She was promoting her book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, at a news conference in Bil’in.

While attending the protest, Klein commented, “When we hear about what happens at the demonstrations…when people are killed and badly injured in lawful demonstrations against something that is clearly illegal, that isn’t a normal situation…we’re rejecting [that] normalization.”

Klein also commented on the legal suit Bil’in has brought against two Canadian companies—Green Park International and Green Mount International, for their involvement in construction of the illegal settlements being built on Bil’in’s land.

“Really what this court case is doing in Canada is breaking through the propaganda barrier…we hear all the time in our corporate media, which is a very pro-Israeli media, that this is the only democracy in the region. And yet, this court case has become a way to put that claim on trial.”

Bil’in has lost over half of its land to the illegal separation wall and settlements. For the past four years, Bil’in has organized non-violent protests against the theft of their land. About 2 months ago, Israelis murdered Bassem Abu Rahmah, a non-violent demonstrator. He was shot from 20 meters away in the middle of his chest with a new Israeli weapon—the high velocity tear gas canister. The official Israeli investigation into Abu Rahmah’s death ruled it ‘accidental.’

The names of the boys arrested from Bil’in are:

Mohammed Khalil Abu Rahmah- Age 22 Kamel Khatib- Age 15 Khalil Yassin- Age 16 Motassim Khatib- Age 19 Mohsen Khatib- Age 16 Hamoda Yassin- Age 16 Khalil Ibrahim- Age 15

There was no official reason for the arrests, nor a timetable for their release.


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