Israel’s Cellcom Commercial: what would happen in real life??

July 29, 2009

Here is the cellcom commercial Israel broadcasted…showing an “impromtu soccer match” over the wall between an Israeli military patrol and Palestinians on the other side…

And here is a video from last Friday’s protest against the wall in Bil’in, when a Palestinian kicked a soccer ball over the fence and tried to start a game, like on the commercial…ha, here is the REAL Israeli response– teargas, soundbombs, etc…

Bilin is a village outside of Ramallah that has lost over 60% of their land because of the “security” wall Israel is building inside the West Bank, on Palestinian territory.

Because of this, Bilin has started weekly protests against the wall that started over 4 years ago. Every Friday afternoon the villagers and international solidarity activists march to the wall and nonviolently protest against it. Israel’s typical response is teargas, sound bombs, rubber bullets, sewage-smelling water, and live ammunition.

To learn more about Bilin, visit their website- bilin-village.org/english


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