More (depressing) news…

September 1, 2009

So last night I was just finishing iftar dinner and trying to decide what to do for the rest of the night when I get a call from my roommate. He said there was something going on near the (Beit Eel) settlement he could see from our living room window.

He talked to our friend who works in the PA security and asked him what was going on. He told us that some young teenage boys were walking around in the fields near the settlement and the Israeli military shot them, killing one 15 year old boy.

Then apparently, the Israelis found out that the boys were from Al Jalazone Refugee Camp, which is nearby. So the Israeli military raided the camp and brought in a helicopter even. At the end of the day, one 15 year old boy was dead and a few medical personel were injured.

The official Israeli “excuse” for this 15 year olds death??

“The boys were walking too close to the settlement. And they threw firebombs (something like a molotov) at a structure near the settlement”.

OK….even if that WERE true–which usually their excuses are not (for example when they killed my friend Bassem Abu Rahmeh in a protest at Bilin, they said the high velocity teargas canister that was shot DIRECTLY, from 20 meters away, into the middle of his chest–making a hole there and killing him….they said that it “riqocheted off of an electrical cable” and thats why it hit him. Well, theres not electrical cables around, this thing was going too fast to riqochette, and he was shot in the front of his chest, not his back –he was facing the soldier who shot him….so COME ON NOW!?)….

So even if that WERE true, that they boys were being mischevious and throwing molotovs at a “structure” near the settlement, is that a good enough reason to KILL THEM??!

Is destruction of property suddenly a reason to take someones life???!!

I think most SANE people would agree that that is NOT a good reason to kill some one, especially a 15 year old KID.


And another piece of bad news from last night….my good friend in Bilin told me today that the Israeli military raided their village again last night –there have been night raids (between 2 and 4am) almost every other night for the past couple months in the village…Israel has a list of over 150 “wanted” people from Bilin–anyone who has anything to do with the nonviolent protests that happen every Friday in Bilin against the wall–most of these wanted people are under 20 years old.

Anyways, my friends whole family woke up around 3 am because they heard the soldiers in the village. Then they realized that the soldiers were coming up the stairs to their home. Then there were 40 soldiers inside their house (their house is not that big…). They yelled at my friend, his 3 brothers, his sister, and his mother to sit down and not move.

Then they told my friend and his oldest brother to show them their IDs. They looked at the names and my friend thought they were there to arrest him–he had some trouble on the way back from Jordan at the border, culminating in him getting an “invitation” to Ofer Prison –where all the guys arrested from Bilin are inprisoned–to come “talk” to an Israeli captain. Turns out, they just wanted him to be a spy, and they offered him tuition and living expenses at any college in the world to work for them. But he said fuck you, no.

So he thought they were coming for him…

But they took his younger brother instead. He doesnt even GO to the demonstrations. Sometimes he comes with a car to pick us up at the end of the demo, but thats IT.

So now hes in Ofer prison for probably 3 or 4 months, thats usually the amount of time the people from Bilin spend in the prison before their families are “allowed” to pay a HUGE fine to get them out.

All for no reason.

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