What am I doing here??

September 12, 2009

This is from a facebook chat conversation with a Palestinian friend of mine:

Osama: Can I ask you something?

Me: Sure

Osama: Why you help us?

Me: [My typical response] Back in Seattle I had lots of Palestinian friends who told me about what was going on here, and I studied the Israeli Palestinian conflict in University.  After I graduated, I decided to come and volunteer.  I know I dont have that much of an impact, no one can stop this by themselves, but at least I can write about it and tell my family and friends whats going on here.

Osama: And when you tell your friends, should any one from us come back to life?


Ok, this really made me sad….not just the fact that I can’t do anything concrete here to make the situation better for the Palestinians, but the fact that even what I can do, writing, might not be making that much of an impact.

The only way this blog or any other blogs and news media coming out of Palestine is useful is if the readers- thats YOU- do something too.  Whether thats starting a group to try to influence your government’s policies about Palestine or just talking to other people, who in turn will tell more people about whats really going on over here.  Please….do SOMETHING.

People are still being killed over here on a daily basis…in Gaza or the West Bank.  People are being humiliated in every aspect of their lives by the occupation, checkpoints, arbitrary arrests, beatings, assassinations, blockades.  There might not be an outright “war” going on right now, but there is a slow war that is always occuring here because of the occupation.

Talking about it won’t bring anyone back to life, unfortunately….but maybe it can save lives in the future.  The children of the people who are alive today….their children.  They deserve a life that is different than this, something with freedom and dignity and safety.


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