Israeli forces target family of anti-wall protest organizer in Bil’in

September 17, 2009

Ramallah – Ma’an – Israeli soldiers backed by six armored vehicles broke into the home of Abdallh Abu Rahmah, coordinator of the Bil’in Popular Committee’s Anti Wall protests staged each Friday. The troops ransacked the home, questioned the family and delivered an arrest warrant.

Speaking following the home invasion Abu Rahmah said that Israeli forces surrounded his house as well as his brother Rateb’s home and his brother Khalid’s home. In each location soldiers searched the building, destroyed furniture, intimidated residents and frightened young children. Troops also delivered an order that Abu Rahmeh deliver himself to the Israeli military court at Ofer.

Abu Rahmah’s wife and children were herded into one room of the home and questioned by Israeli soldiers as others went through the rooms. Soldiers also attacked international peace activists as they tried to intervene in the home invasion. Member of the popular committee Mohammad Al-Kahtib was attacked so violently he had to be treated by Red Crescent medics, who later transferred him to the Ramallah hospital for treatment. Photographer Imad Burnat was also beaten and his camera destroyed. A relative of Abu Rahmah, Ashraf, sustained bruises and internal bleeding when soldiers attacked him.

Abu Rahmah said if he does not present himself at the court, night raids will continue in the village and soldiers will continue to target his family members. He called in friends of Bil’in all over the world, human rights organizations and officials in the Palestinian Authority to urgently intervene to stop the Israeli violence.



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