2 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Police on Suspicion of Driving Stolen Cars:

October 31, 2009

 In the past two weeks, the Israeli police and military have killed two young Palestinian men on suspicion of driving stolen Israeli cars.

 Because cars, like everything else in Palestine, are hard to get and are double taxed (Israeli taxes plus Palestinian taxes) there has been a rise in the theft of Israeli cars.  After they are stolen, they are brought to the West Bank and sold.  The Palestinian Authority, which is under a great deal of pressure from the Israeli government on this subject, has been active in obtaining these stolen Israeli cars as they enter the West Bank and even after they have been sold to other people.

 About a week ago, a 23 year old Palestinian man was re-entering the West Bank at the checkpoint near Ni’lin in a stolen Israeli car.  It’s not clear whether he stole the car or bought it from someone else who did.

 As he crossed the checkpoint, the Israeli military opened fire on the car, suspecting it was stolen. The man was killed—for driving a stolen car.

 Last Wednesday, another incident occurred.  A 21 year old Palestinian man (from East Jerusalem) was driving from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  The police saw the car and suspected it was stolen, so they pursued him on the highway.

 Most likely fearing at least a heavy beating, if not jail or death, the boy continued driving and it turned into a high speed chase. During the chase, his car flipped and he was killed at the scene.

 Since when did stealing a car (if they even did…) earn you a death sentence?  Only in Israel…


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