US House of Representatives Dismisses Goldstone Report as “Biased”

November 4, 2009

Another Thing to Make Me Ashamed of Being American…


The U.S. House of Representatives voted on a resolution that calls the Goldstone Report biased…thereby dismissing it and any future investigation into the report.


Goldstone himself wrote a letter to the House explaining the report, and reminding them that he also addressed the war crimes of Hamas. Although, of course, the list of Israeli war crimes was much larger, and took up many more chapters of the report than Hamas—who’s main war crime was the Qassam rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, which has killed around 10 people in as many years versus the 1400 (mainly civilians) Palestinians who were killed in Operation Cast Lead.


The chapters investigating Israel’s war crimes were much more extensive, including targeting civilians, collective punishment, use of human shields, use of white phosphorous, use of DIME weapons, etc…


Goldstone doubts whether the representatives that voted against his 500+ page report even read it.


However, the House voted against the report 344- 36—dismissing it as “biased”.  It’s as if they have all forgotten that Judge Goldstone was a celebrated human rights jurist in South Africa during the apartheid and who also prosecuted war criminals in Rwanda and Yugoslavia.


This decision was no doubt a reaction to pressure from Israel and Obama—who stands by Israel steadfastly in defense of their “security” and not any rational decision based on the facts.


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