America… F*&k ya!

November 18, 2009

So I am going back to the states for about a month…

I am flying out of Ben Gurion, and if you’ve read any of my posts about internationals working in Palestine trying to get through Israeli borders and airports then you should already know how stressed out I am right now.

At the borders, leaving, there is no problem. But I have a return ticket from Ben Gurion (Tel Arrabiyya/Tel Aviv) airport so I have to leave through hell basically.

Last summer, I came to Israel as a tourist (but for real….haha…) and stayed for 10 days with an Israeli friend of mine named Dan. I saw Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and did a quick trip into the West Bank to see the Nativity Church in Bethlehem.

Dan took me to the airport, 2 hours before my flight (because in any other country but Israel, 2 hours would be enough…) and he was actually in the army at the time, showed them his IDF card or some shit, and promised that I was with him the entire time.

STILL….they took me to a desk area in front of the checkout counter…opened up all of my bags–looked at EACH and EVERY item in my luggage and purse, x-rayed each item, one by one–all the while interrogating me on where I was and what I did and who I talked to.

Then 2 girl security people came and took me into a backroom–aparently the strip (etc..) search room. But instead, they just made me walk through another metal detector then let me go back out.

After all of this my flight was about to leave so they had someone “personally escort” me to my gate….PARANOID??

So anyways, Im really worried about Friday because I have been here much longer than 10 days now, and was not just partying in Tel Aviv the whole time–although that will be the basis of my story. ha.

So no more posts until I reach the USA, and then I will write about my airport experience….

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