Another Nonviolent Protester Shot in Ni’lin Demonstration…

December 4, 2009

19 year old Hasan Khaled Nafa was shot in the groin by an Israeli soldier with an illegal tutu bullet at Ni’lin’s weekly nonviolent protest against the wall.

According to medics, Nafa lost a great deal of blood and was treated with a transfusion at the scene before being transfered to the Ramallah Government Hospital. Tutu bullets have been outlawed by Israeli courts since 2001, but have recently started being used again by Israeli soldiers. The Israeli military spokesman insists that this type of bullet is reserved for “especially violent rioters” who pose a threat to the Israeli soldiers.

How 19 year old Nafa, armed with just a stone, posed a significant enough threat to an Israeli soldier, in full riot gear and carrying a gun, to be shot with the deadly tutu bullet is unknown.

In fact, how any of the nonviolent protesters that have been specifically targeted and killed by Israeli soldiers this past year in Ni’lin and Bil’in posed a “significant threat” to the soldiers is unknown–especially 10 year old Ahmed Mussa who was shot in the head with live ammunition last winter in Ni’lin while nonviolently protesting the theft of his village’s land.

Unfortunately, as the nonviolent protests against the wall become more widespread in villages who have lost land around the West Bank–the Israeli military’s response has become more and more violent. They have specifically targeted community and protest organizers–killing them–in Ni’lin and Bil’in, the two villages with the longest running protests.

In Ni’lin, they shot Yusef Srour in the heart with live ammunition as he was going to help a teenage boy who was shot in the stomach with live ammunition. In Bil’in, they shot Bassem Abu Rahmeh in the chest with a high velocity teargas canister, shaped like a bullet–killing him in a matter of minutes.

In addition to the deadly ammunition that is becomming more and more commonly used by the Israeli military at these protests, they have other tactics to scare the villagers into stopping the demonstrations.

In Bil’in, for the past several months, the Israeli military has been raiding the village at least several times a week and arresting teenage boys that are accused of participating in the protests–which have been deemed “illegal” by the Israeli military. So far, almost 40 boys have been arrested. Very few have been actually charged with a crime…most have been waiting for months without any progress.

In Ni’lin, as usual, the Israeli military’s tactics have been even more violent than in Bil’in. The military will completely close the village, and put it under curfew, as well as conducting loud and aggressive night raids on the village.


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