Palestinian Activist Reveals Detention Conditions After His Release…

January 18, 2010

Palestine Monitor
16 January 2010

“I was detained in a tiny, narrow guardhouse, sleeping on a mattress less than 15 cm thick. 24 hours a day a yellow light was on. It was impossible to fall asleep because every hour I was awakened by noises, someone knocking on the door or shouting through the small window of the cell. Insects were everywhere.”

“The conditions in jail are terrible, I have talked with some other detainees who have been interrogated for 15, 16 hours with their legs and hands tied, or people who have prevented from sleeping for a period of 5-10 continuous days. When the guards move a prisoner from a place to another, he is blindfolded. I call on international media and organisations to pressurize and investigate what happens inside Israeli jails.”

This is what Jamal Juma’, Palestinian activist of the Anti Apartheid Wall campaign, explained to journalists who asked about his detention’s conditions in Moskobiyyeh interrogation center (in Jerusalem), during the press conference held last Thursday. He was released on January 13, together with another Palestinian peace activist, Mohammed Othman, who was detained in Israeli jail for more than three months. Jamal was called for interrogation and then arrested on December 16, with not a single charge being put forth. Although he is a resident of East Jerusalem, and therefore should be subjected under the Israeli civil system, he was detained and interrogated under a military system.

Mohammed was arrested at Allenby Border Crossing (from Jordan) entering West Bank whilst coming back from an advocacy tour in Norway.

Jamal Juma’ was released without any specific restriction, whilst a fine of 10.000 NIS (Shekels) was imposed to Mohammed Othman and he will not able to leave the country until investigations on his case end.

“Both of them have been arrested in an effort to curb the success of their peaceful activities in defense of Palestinian human rights” – said the statement released from the Addameer and Stop the Wall organisations. “It is an attack on those that are standing up against the wall and the occupation” Juma declared during the press conference.

Dr Mustafa Barghouthi, Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, also attended the press conference and condemned the campaign adopted by Israeli Occupation Forces against popular activists and human rights defenders, declaring that “Israel clearly aims to dismantle the resistance movement against the Wall and settlement constructions, which has become a widely known symbol of struggle against the occupation forces.”

The Israeli campaign of repression and arrest against human rights defenders continues. Three Palestinian activists have been arrested by Israeli forces during night raids into the West Bank villages of Bi’lin and Ni’lin. Meanwhile; almost 30 activists remain in Israeli detention: amongst them, Abdallah Abu Rahme, head of the Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall.

Sahar Francis, a lawyer and Director of Addameer, told journalists that “psychological torture against Palestinian detainees is a distinguishing factor of Israeli occupation and a way to bypass the use of physical violent methods.” Following dozens of petitions issued by human rights associations, in 1999 Israeli High Court of Justice decided to prohibit the use of certain types of torture (allowing “moderate physical pressure”) and required the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) to enact a law for ruling the work of intelligence services. Such a law has never been approved.

But according to what Addameer witnessed, some methods of torture are still in use against detainees and constitute a clear evidence of human rights violation.

For further information about torture in Israeli jails, please click on:



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