Videos from Nabe Saleh Demonstration: House Teargassed 1/29/10

February 3, 2010

Nabe Saleh is a village north of Ramallah in the West Bank. About a month ago, they began organizing weekly protests against the illegal Israeli settlement that is built on their land. In addition to taking agricultural land from the village, the settlers recently took over a natural well that is on Nabe Saleh’s land. That is why the villagers decided to start protesting regularly.



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3 weeks ago, the women in the house from this video were arrested for nonviolently protesting the theft of their village’s land. They were released on the condition that they would stay in their house during the Friday protests.

The next Friday, the women were in their house when the Israeli soldiers shot a teargas grenade through their window. Their house began to fill up with teargas, so the mother went outside to get some air and ran straight into the soldiers waiting for her. The soldiers started hitting her in the stomach with their automatic weapons, and her 2 daughters came outside to help her.

They started fighting with the soldiers and the rest of the villagers came to help. The women ended up being arrested and released on 10,000 shekel bail each (over 3,000 dollars) and that they would not attend the demonstrations.

The next Friday demonstration (1/29/10) is when I took these videos. I went into the women’s house to interview them as the demonstration was going outside. Suddenly, a teargas grenade came through the window and started filling up the house with teargas. There were about a dozen young children watching TV in the nursery.

Since the gas cloud was blocking the exit, we couldn’t get all the kids out of the house (plus the demonstration was right outside now, soldiers were shooting teargas, rubber coated steel bullets, the skunk water, and live ammunition….so you can’t just run outside blinded by teargas into that situation…).

We got everyone into a room and closed the door to wait out the teargas….


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