Brazilian Visit to Ramallah

March 10, 2010

Today as I walked down my street to catch the service (minibus) to work, I noticed a very increased police presence, including 2 right outside my appartment building. As I continued to the intersection, I saw even more police and black uniformed Palestinian soldiers posted at every corner.

The area where I live hardly ever has police or army stationed around it, so I was wondering what was going on as I got onto the service. As we tried to pull away, a policeman who had been standing next to me while I was waiting for the service stopped the driver and made him pull over to check his ID and license. Also unusual.

As we waited on the side of the road, a whole caravan of black Palestinian army vehicles passed by. All full of black uniformed “special forces” soldiers (possibly the ones who just finished the US funded military training in Jordan…). The backs of the trucks were full of these soldiers, all carrying AK-47’s and looking serious.

I decided to call my friend who works in the PA to find out what was going on. He told me the second in power from Brazil was visiting Ramallah today. I had heard a few months ago that the President of Brazil was scheduled to visit–Brazil seems to be trying to become an intermediary between Middle East parties and the US/Israel.  I don’t know how they got involved in these politics but there have been visits between Brazil and Peres, Abbas, Ahmedinijad…..who knows what the plan is.

Nevertheless, either the President or VP of Brazil is visiting Ramallah today. And Abbas has pulled out all the military stops in some gesture of either respect or pride in his new forces.


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  1. maybe a preventative effort?

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