Biden’s Visit with Abbas in the West Bank

March 11, 2010

So yesterday, when my friend from the PA told me it was the VP of Brazil, he was JOKING.

The real visitor, as I found out soon after, was the VP of the USA, Biden. The PA didnt want to announce his visit beforehand because of the security risk. Now at least I understand the need for the huge military presence in all the streets of Ramallah.

Anyways, I had low expectations of the impact of Biden’s visit to the region. But he did do a couple of good things. He showed up an hour and a half late to his dinner meeting with PM Netanyahu in Israel. Hahaha. Then when Netanyahu announced the government’s approval of 1600 new housing units in a settlement near Jerusalem, on occupied Palestinian territory, he snapped and “condemned” Israel’s decision.

Of course the word “condemn” has been thrown around so much about Israel’s activities, and never followed by any concrete measures, so it doesn’t mean anything on the ground. But at least he condemned them. And he did an interview with Al Jazeera explaining the irrationality of Netanyahu’s behavior and how it was only serving to break the “trust” between the Israelis and Palestinians who are trying to restart negotiations.

I think he might be starting to get the point. ha.


One comment

  1. Good to see Biden swooped in and created waves of positive change for the Palestinians, and didn’t just sit around talking.

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