Israeli Soldiers Push Man Off 3rd Floor Balcony

March 18, 2010

Yesterday, there were big clashes at Qalandia checkpoint and the refugee camp. There were hundreds of kids out there protesting the recent Israeli actions regarding Al Aqsa mosque. 

There is a widespread fear that the escalating Israeli invasions of the Al Aqsa compound and the opening of a new synagogue (Hurva) which represents the national-political Jewish movement’s goal of reclaiming Jerusalem (and Al Aqsa) for their eternal capital. There was also supposed to be an ultra-orthodox Israeli march around Al Aqsa where they put the cornerstone down for the third temple–symbolizing the end of Al Aqsa and the beginning of the end times.

The Israeli soldiers respond to the stones with rubber coated steel bullets, live ammunition, and teargas canisters shot at head level.

The soldiers take positions on top of some apartment buildings in the refugee camp to shoot at the kids below. Yesterday, the soldiers invaded a home on the third floor of the building and started beating 25 year old Abdullah Lafee.

After they beat him to the point where his face was cut and bleeding, they pushed him off of the balcony–on the third floor. But they weren’t finished yet.

The soldiers went down to where he fell and continued beating him there. He is still alive and in the hospital recovering.


At Atara checkpoint, between Birzeit and Ramallah, there was a demonstration where a soldier was injured by a stone. The soldiers ended up shooting more than 20 Palestinians rubber coated steel bullets–including one in the head–a serious injury.


One comment


    He was pushed off the 3rd story…..ribs, arm, legs broken, gash across face from the beating, internal bleeding, at least one organ ruptured.

    He is still alive, but in critical condition.

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