Update on the Situation…….

March 24, 2010

Since the 4 boys (all teenaged) were killed in the Nablus area this past weekend, the West Bank has been relatively quiet.

The first two boys were killed when they were shot in the head and the heart with live ammunition on Friday at a nonviolent demonstration in Iraq Bourin held in reaction to the perceived threat to Al Aqsa mosque.

The second two were arrested while working on their farmland by Israeli soldiers from a checkpoint nearby.  They were taken to a different location and then exucuted by the soldiers.

My roommates were in Nablus for the funeral of the first two boys when the second two were killed near the checkpoint. They went to the morgue and saw the bodies. Their wounds showed that they were shot from the front and the back, around half a dozen times each.

Since those incidents, there haven’t been any protests. Its very strange. This Friday should be an interesting because the nonviolent protests take place in several different villages around the West Bank.


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