Update from Sinai….

April 14, 2010

So I have been on my visa-trip in Sinai for the past few days. Im staying at a bedouin camp called Sababa in Tarabeen, a village near Nuweiba. I highly recommend it…

The camp is right on the beach, and we sleep in little huts with just the necessities–a mosquito net, mattress and covers, and now electricity. There are hammocks and other seating areas right on the edge of the red sea and a restaurant that makes amazing Egyptian food.

So I have been away from all the news and checkpoints and day to day drama of life in Palestine. Today, I briefly scanned the news and saw an article about a warning the Israeli government issued about Sinai–they said they had concrete evidence of a terrorist plan to kidnap Israelis on vacation here.

I highly doubt that any terrorist plots are in the works here…last week there were tens of thousands of Israelis here for passover vacations, so if it didn’t happen then, I dont think it will now. But they have “evidence”.

I told my friend from Ramallah who’s travelling with me and he said that it was probably just the Israeli government’s way of getting all the Israelis back into the country before they start a new military operation somewhere. There are two possibilities for a new Israeli war–Gaza or Lebanon (as a precursor to war with Iran).

The fact that Egypt closed the Rafah border crossing with Gaza this morning along with the Israeli government’s warning indicates that it could be Gaza–in retaliation for rocket attacks and the 2 Israeli soldiers who were killed a week or two ago in a skirmish on the Gazan border.

Time will tell…


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