Israeli Airstrikes Kill 2 in Gaza Tunnels

June 26, 2010

2 Palestinians were killed while working in the tunnels in southern Gaza by Israeli airstrikes early Friday morning.

Israel carried out airstrikes on 2 tunnels, causing the tunnels to collapse on top of them. One of the bodies pulled from the destroyed tunnels was identified as Amer Abu Hadid, 23 years old. The other remains unidentified. The IAF also targeted a weapons storage factory in southern Gaza, and residents have reported damage to several other buildings.

The Israeli army says that these airstrikes were in response to recent rocket attacks from Gazan militant groups.

The Gazan people build these tunnels as a way around the strict blockade that Israel has imposed on the territory in an effort to weaken Hamas, however, the blockade is seen by humanitarian organizations and much of the international community as collective punishment.

Since the Israeli attack on the Gaza Flotilla, which killed 9 peace activists attempting to bring aid to the Gazan people, the Israeli government has agreed to ease the blockade. What that means on the ground in Gaza remains to be seen…


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