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Summary of Israeli Actions in Bil’in in 2010:

May 10, 2010


 (While most international and Israelis who are detained are released after a few hours of questioning, the Palestinian detainees, especially from the village, usually are held without being charged for 5 or more months before being released on 10,000 shekel bail.)

1.Ranu Ayub

2.Mohammed Ali Yasin

3.Mohammed Khateeb (Popular Committee member)

4. American activist, “Stormy”

5.Hamdi Abu Rahmeh (Israeli Arab, B’tselem volunteer)

6. Ashraf Abu Rahmeh

7.Haitham Al Khateeb (cameraman, B’tselem volunteer)

8.Muheeb Al Barghouthi

 (Al Haya Al Jadida photojournalist)

9-14. 6 other unidentified protestors detained during same protest

15. Unidentified Israeli woman

16.UnidentifiedPalestinian male

(3) Al Jazeera Crew members:

17.Majdi Banura

18.Nader Abu Ze

19. Unidentified Irish crew member

20.Unidentified female Israeli  activist

21. Ashraf Abu Rahmeh (2nd time)

22. Abed Al Fattah Burnat

23. Haitham Al Khateeb (2nd time)

24. Roy Vackner (Israeli)

25. Uri Baytman (Israeli)

26. “Stormy”, US activist (2nd time)

Home Raids:

 There are Israeli raids in Bil’in almost nightly, here are the reported home invasions since January 2010:

 –Home of Ranu Ayub (twice)

–Home of Muhammed Ali Yasin (1, multiple raids in last half of 2009)

 –Home of Muhammed Khateeb (twice)

  –Home of Abed Al Fattah Burnat

 Masked Soldiers enter the village at night and post signs declaring  Bil’in a “closed military area”—meaning it is illegal for any International or Israeli activist to be at the location of the protest on Fridays…effectively making protests illegal and arrest likely.

Injured Palestinians:

 (other than teargas inhalation…which is dozens of “injuries” per week)

At least a dozen unidentified protestors were struck by teargas canisters and rubber coated bullets without being reported.

 1.Abbas Al Maimuny (journalist, struck by teargas canister)

2.Dr. Rateb Abu Rahmeh

(Popular Committee member, struck by teargas canister)

3.Fadi Aljause (cameraman)

4.Haron Amira (reporter)

5.Bassem Ahmad Yassin

6.Ibrahim Burnat

7.Nayif Ghazi

8.Harun Amaieyarah (Palestine TV correspondent)

9.Fadi Al Jayusi (Popular Committee member)

10.Samir Burney (Popular Committee member)

11. 70 year old Palestinian man struck with teargas canister

12.Haitham ___ struck in chest with teargas canister

Injured Israelis: 

Half a dozen unidentified Israeli activists were struck by teargas canisters or rubber coated steel bullets without being reported.

 1.Eydo Medix

2.54 year-old Israeli solidarity activist

3.Emad Rezqa (from Jaffa—shot in the forehead with a teargas canister)


Since Bassem Abu Rahmeh was killed after being shot in the chest with a high velocity teargas canister over a year ago, there have been no fatalities in Bil’in.


 In the last half of 2009, 5 members of the Bil’in popular committee against the wall (including Abdullah Abu Rahmeh, Adeed Abu Rahmehwere arrested on charges of “incitement”, stone throwing, and collecting exploded teargas canisters shot at them by the IDF

In addition, over 30 other residents of Bil’in were arrested, 94 residents of Ni’lin were arrested in 2009. Seen as part of an arrest wave that targets activists and organizers throughout the West Bank

Jamal Juma, Wael Al Faqee and Mohammed Othman of the Stop the Wall NGO have also been arrested—both are being held without being charged and on “secret evidence”


In the Name of Security…

September 29, 2009

This is a land where the security of Israel requires the lives of thousands of innocent Palestinians…

What better excuse than “security reasons” for a people who see their history as full of threats of extermination?

This is a land where the realization of a Jewish state required the expulsion and massacres of Palestinians who resided here before…

What better excuse than the holocaust, one of the most inhuman and unthinkable events of modern history, to justify a new, slower holocaust of the Palestinian people?

This is a land where the end most definitely justifies the means…

What better excuse than “its God’s will” to justify the daily killing, beating, arresting and humiliation of an entire people?

This is a land where colonialism, a practice that most of the world considers archaic and inhumane, is still very much alive in the settlements…

What better excuse than “God ordained this land for the Jews” to defy international law that deems these settlements illegal?

This is a land where Jews from around the world are offered instant citizenship in Israel, while Palestinian refugees are forced to live elsewhere…

What better excuse than “We lived here thousands of years ago” to keep millions of refugees out of the country they lived in a mere 60 years ago?

This is a land where the most extreme of extremists Israelis live among the Palestinians in settlements and outposts that are considered illegal by international and even Israeli law (outposts only)…

What better excuse than “God’s laws are higher than the laws of man” as a pretext for stealing land, then harassing, beating, and occasionally murdering their Arab neighbors?

This is a land where the West Bank is dotted with 700 checkpoints, restricting the movement of Palestinians and making travelling to the next city a dangerous and humiliating experience…

What better excuse that “settler security” to justify this practice who’s real intention is to make life even more difficult for the people and to destroy their already weak economy?

This is a land where one fifth of Israel’s citizens are referred to as the “enemy within” simply because they are Arabs who exist within a Jewish state…

What better excuse than this racist belief to outlaw marriage between a Jew and an Arab?

This is a land where the government defies international and humanitarian law with impunity and without punishment…

What better excuse than “We are the only real democracy in the Middle East” for this type of arrogant, childish, and inhumane behavior?

This is a land where the definition of democracy apparently includes the banning of Arab political figures and parties from the Knesset (Israeli government)…

What better excuse than “We are your only friend in the Middle East” to dispel any objections to these racist policies?

This is a land where 20% of Palestinians are imprisoned at any given time and thousands more detained by a foreign government—not as criminals but as political prisoners…

What better excuse than calling these revolutionaries an “existential threat to Israel” to make the Palestinians the most imprisoned people in the world?

This is a land where Palestinian prisoners do not have to be charged with a crime to be imprisoned, beaten, and subjected to physical, psychological, and sexual forms of torture…

What better excuse than asserting that Arabs are not equal to Jews to allow another human being to be tormented in that way?

This is a land where 1.5 million Gazans are punished for the crimes of a few…

What better excuse than mostly impotent rocket attacks, the majority of them never making it to their targets, to justify the ruthless killing of innocent men, women and children?

This is a land where a hideous wall constructed of 8 meter high concrete slabs snakes around for 700 km inside the West Bank, stealing Palestinian land and isolating villages and cities…

What better excuse than “security” to hide its true intention which is to divide Palestinians from Israelis—making it impossible for these peoples to disprove hateful rumors about the ‘other’?

This is a land where nonviolent protestors speaking out against illegal and racist Israeli policies are met with live ammunition, sound bombs, teargas, and disgusting sewage water…

What better excuse than calling these demonstrations “illegal” to get out of any potential responsibility or lawsuits when they injure and kill protestors deliberately?

And I’ll close with one last question….

What makes your security so much more important than anyone else’s security?